Free Eco Grants in Wales for Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation and much much more, available in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Merthyr Tydfil and throughout Wales.

Eco Grants in Wales

The Green Deal Wales

Reducing fuel bills across Wales – forever


Don’t pay for Cavity Wall Insulation !

No Financial Thresholds !! No Benefits Required !!

In Wales, it is FREE to 87% of homes with cavity walls.

A new Free Insulation Grant – only qualification is that your Council Tax Band is an A, B, C, D or E and your EPC rating is D to G. Call us now on 0800 8 10 10 60 to book a free survey

The UK Government have launched an additional ECO grant, namely, The Great British Insulation Scheme (aka ECO+). It is only for insulation, but for all types of insulation. You can find out more about it here. and you can register your interest here and now.

Paying customers are more than welcome.

A Life Changing Government Eco Grant scheme in Wales.

Average fuel bills have increased by 47% over the past 12 months (£1,339 to £1,971, May 2021 to May 2022) according to moneyhelper.org.uk. Ofgem predicted that they would increase in October 2022 to a whopping £2,800. £3,240. The average fuel bills are now fixed at £2,500 (from 1/10/22) for 2 years until April 2023. That’s still 87% higher than May 2021.

That hurts!

The Government’s new Eco grant scheme could help with insulation, heating, solar panels and other energy efficiency improvements. Eco4 could reduce average fuel bills by more than £600 per year (based on the £2,500 fix)

That’s not a 1 year fix nor a 2 year fix. It’s a forever fix!

There is a new Government Eco Grant scheme in Wales, and it’s called Eco4. Eco4 is totally different to all of the previous Government ECO grants in Wales. This Eco grant scheme could be a life changer – saving £600+ off your fuel bills every year. It could make the difference between heating or eating.

ECO4 should also save more than 500,000 tonnes of Carbon emissions every year. So it’s also helping to save the planet.

It is aimed at a “whole house approach”, which will massively improve the energy efficiency of your home.

However, single measures will still be available under ECO+, now known as The Great British Insulation Scheme

The Eco4 grant scheme is available to Homeowners and Private Tenants/Landlords.

And none of this will cost you a single penny!

Eco Grants in Wales

We are a firm of INDEPENDENT Eco Grant surveyors, and have been so for the past 12 years. Over that time we have built very strong relationships with some of the best Eco Grant installers in Wales (and England). All of these installers carry their PAS 2030 :19 certification, as required under the Eco grant scheme legislation.

Because we are independent, we are not tied to any one company. Therefore we can find you the best deal to satisfy your needs. It also gives you access to extra funding which most installers do not have access to!

This allows us to offer you the full package – from your very first enquiry, to survey and on to installation. All measures installed under this Grant scheme come with an insurance backed guarantee, as required by law.

Initially, we will assess whether you and your property qualify for a Government Eco Grant in Wales. If you do qualify, we will carryout the required surveys. This includes a Retrofit Assessment which is done by a Certified Retrofit Assessor. The Retrofit Assessment is the backbone of the new Government Eco4 grant scheme.

The Retrofit Assessment not only looks at the suitability for a particular measure to be installed, it also looks at the overall condition of the property, together with the property’s ventilation requirements.

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What energy efficiency improvements are available under the Eco4 grant scheme in Wales?

Here is an example of what could be done using the Eco4 grant scheme.

A couple in their mid 60’s live in a detached bungalow in Llandovery, Carmarthenshire. They are not on any type of benefit. The energy rating of their property is a band F. The bungalow is heated by Electric Storage Heaters.

Under the Eco4 grant scheme this couple could have the cavity walls insulated, the loft could be insulated to 300mm (12 inches in old money), solar panels fitted and an Air Source Heat Pump installed.

ALL FOR FREE! Yes, that’s about £20,000’s worth of work for free.

They could have had High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters instead of the Air Source Heat Pump, and that would still have been free.

heat loss through cavity wall in wales

Eco 4 requires the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of your property to improve by 2 bandings (except for single measures, such as Cavity Wall Insulation). Eco grant funding is not available to properties with an A, B or C rating. However, we would check the EPC to see that there are no errors.

Don’t panic if your property does not have an EPC, we will sort that out for you.

Therefore, the idea is to install a number of energy efficiency improving measures at the same time, in order to sufficiently improve the EPC rating.

The scheme is also based on the “Fabric First” principle. This means that insulation comes first – this makes sense – what would be the point of improving the heating, if the heat is just going to seep out of the poorly insulated floor, walls & roof?

Heating and renewables (solar panels etc) would be fitted after the insulation was finished.

The qualifying energy efficiency improvements are listed below

I spoke with Graham at The Green Deal Wales to get an EPC done on a property. During the conversation he told me that he could insulate the loft, insulate the walls and fit a free central heating system, all for free using a Government ECO grant. A couple of months later everything was done for free. I can’t believe it, and Graham was so helpful and so patient. I will always be grateful to Graham.
Tony Griffiths. Usk. September 2020.

Government Grants are available for these and more…

It’s as simple as A B C

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