Free Central Heating in Wales

Do you qualify for a Free Central Heating in Wales?

Free Central Heating Systems are available throughout South Wales*.

Free Central Heating in Wales

To have free central heating in Wales, you and your home have to qualify.

Your home qualifies if it is currently heated by Electricty or Coal. But if it is coal then there must not be any connected radiators.

You qualify if

You are in receipt of a qualifying benefit or allowance,

or you satisfy the criteria set under the Local Authority Flexible Funding scheme in your area.

Both of these qualifications are fully covered in their relevant pages.

If you and your property qualify and you live no more than 23 metres from a Mains Gas pipe, we will offer you a free gas connection and a free gas central heating system.

If you live more than 23 metres from a Mains Gas pipe we will discuss the options with you – such as LPG, Heat Pumps etc.

Funds are limited, so it’s first come, first served!

* This scheme is a part of the ECO grant scheme and subject to qualification. Both the resident and property have to qualify, and is subject to survey.

The survey will calculate how much Carbon Emissions would be saved by having a new free central heating system in Wales installed. The Carbon Emissions have a monetary value, and it is this money that will pay for the heating system.

We have a sister website about Free Central Heating, where you can find a lot more details about the First Time Central Heating scheme.

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