Okay, so you are not in receipt of benefits and DWP allowances don’t qualify anymore . Hopefully, we can find another way.

LA Flex funding

There is in fact, only one pot of money for ECO Grants, and that is called HHCRO funding, and it can only be accessed by those in receipt of a Government benefit.

However, in 2018 the Government decided to put 25% of that pot of money aside, and called it the “Local Authority Flexible Fund“ (LA Flex) . Under the new grant scheme (Eco4) starting in July 2022, the LA Flex pot has been increased to 50%.

Eco4 funding is £1 billion per year, so £500 million per year is available for LA flexible funding.

It is not local authority money, but the Local Authority sets the qualifying criteria required to access that money.

When you apply for LA Flex, we complete an application form for that Local Authority. We send it to them and they check that it complies with their criteria. If it does, they sign it off and return it to us.

We can then submit that document to draw down the funding.

The LA Flex scheme is not obligatory – the Councils don’t have to take part in it – some do, some don’t and some might.

Also, each local authority only sets the criteria for it’s own administrative area, and every Council has a different set of criteria, which means that in Wales there are up to 22 different sets of rules.

However, there is some uncertainty as to whether each local authority will be able to set their own criteria under the new Eco4 grant scheme. The UK Government is suggesting that there will be just one set of criteria for all local authorities across the UK.

That would certainly make our lives easier. But it would also mean that there would be a level playing field across every local authority in Wales. Under the old LA Flex scheme, it was possible to qualify for a grant in Carmarthenshire for example, but not in Pembrokeshire. And that could have been less than a mile apart, just depending on your postcode.

But what’s worse, is that some local authorities don’t even take part. We have listed the 22 local authorities below. We believe the data is correct, but until every local authority is certain of the UK Government’s intentions, the list below could change.

We think it is disgusting that some local authorities will not take part. They are depriving their residents of a very useful resource.

Their normal excuse is that they don’t have the human resources. County Councils get paid about £50 to £150 (the price is set by the Council itself) for “signing off” each La Flex application. The fee is paid by the installer. Plymouth Council charge a whopping £300 per application.

We are considering “naming & shaming them – for example letting X-Ray and the local press know about the unfairness.

If you live in a County that is not taking part, please let your local councillors know, let your AM know and your MP. I think you will find that they don’t know what you are talking about.

Hopefully, we can get all 22 local authorities on board.

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Which Welsh Councils are taking part in LA Flex?

The 22 Councils of Wales are listed below, in alphabetical order. It also indicates as to whether they do, don’t or might take part in the L A Flex scheme.

  • Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council LA Flex – YES
  • Bridgend County Borough Council – NO
  • Caerphilly County Borough Council LA Flex – YES
  • Cardiff City Council LA Flex – YES
  • Carmarthenshire County Council – YES
  • Ceredigion County Council LA Flex – YES
  • Conwy County Borough Council LA Flex – YES
  • Denbighshire County Council – YES
  • Flintshire County Council LA Flex – YES
  • Gwynedd Council – YES
  • Isle of Anglesey County Council – YES
  • Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council – NO
  • Monmouthshire County Council LA Flex – YES
  • Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council LA Flex – YES
  • Newport City Council LA Flex– NO
  • Pembrokeshire County Council – YES
  • Powys County Council – NO
  • Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council LA Flex – YES
  • City and County of Swansea LA Flex – YES
  • The Vale of Glamorgan County Borough Council – NO
  • Torfaen County Borough Council LA Flex – YES
  • Wrexham County Borough Council – YES

Do I qualify for LA Flex?

The criteria is flexible, using a number of factors to qualify, such as the energy rating of the property, the ages of the occupants and the health of the occupants. But benefits are not required.

However, the local authority only sets the criteria for it’s own administrative area, and every Council has a different criteria, which means that in Wales there are 22 different sets of rules.

This is a list of the main factors taken into account by most of the Councils for qualification.

But please note this list may be amended in July 2022, when the UK Government has issued their set of rules for the next 4 years.

  • The energy efficiency of your property?
  • Number of bedrooms at the property?
  • Number of people living at the property?
  • How much existing Loft insulation at the property?
  • What type of walls is the property built of?
  • Have the walls at the property been insulated?
  • What is the heating fuel used at the property?
  • Percentage of Disposable Income spent on fuel?
  • Anyone aged over 60 living at the property?
  • Is there a child under the age of 5 living at the property?
  • Is there a pregnant woman living at the property?
  • and so on …….

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